Business ideas for kids

Starting a business is probably one of the most exciting things that an individual can ever do. In fact, the feeling is even more intense for kids. Starting a business is a dream for many kids! Not only can it be fun, but it is also a fantastic way for entrepreneurial kids to learn the basics of running a business.

Besides, what kid doesn’t like having their own money that they can spend any way they want? From a young age, they can begin to learn how it feels to work hard and earn their own money. This is a great sense of responsibility that kids should start developing while they are young because it will help them when they are adults.

There are tons of ideas to make extra money for kids, but below are our favorite top 10 business ideas for kids.

Business Ideas For Kids

Candy Machine Business

One of the absolute best business ideas for kids is a candy machine business. A candy machine business is so much fun because everyone loves candy, especially kids! It’s not just great for kids, but it’s also perfect for teenagers who are looking to make money on their own. Most restaurants and some stores have a machine that spits out small pieces of candy, gum, or small toys. You can put candy machines in schools, restaurants, stores, mini marts, and many other places.

If you find a business that already has one, ask the business owner if they will let you install your candy machine as well. Offer to pay the business a percentage of your profits (20%) as their payment for letting you keep your machine in their restaurant or store. Business owners, especially entrepreneurial-minded business owners, are usually very excited about helping out entrepreneurial-minded kids.

Subscription Box Business

Gift subscription business is also a great business idea for entrepreneurial kids. There are many things that can fall into this business category like make-up sample boxes, date night boxes, movie box subscriptions and much more!

The most common subscription box business has been in the form of food delivery services, like Blue Apron, which delivers meal portions to your door, but kids can start small. Kids can start a subscription box business by having their box filled with used or new books, used or new toys, or something else that they’re interested in.

Ice Cream Business

An ice cream business is always great because people love ice cream, all year round. This is also a business that kids can run only in the busy summer months. An ice cream business usually consists of selling popsicles, ice cream cones, and homemade frozen desserts on the street or at public events, like festivals.

Another great place to sell ice cream is at the park. If there are lots of kids around, they will surely enjoy the business!

Recycling Business

Kids can also make money by recycling. A great way to start a recycling business is to ask family and friends to start saving their aluminum cans and plastic bottles, if they don’t already recycle the cans and bottles themselves. Your budding business owner can then pick up the cans and bottles bi-weekly from each family and sell the recyclables in bulk.

Another idea is to talk to local business owners about their recyclables. Many restaurants don’t recycle and offering to pick up cans and bottles from them a couple times a week could be an easy way for kids to start their enterprise.

Sweets Business

A baked goods business is also a great idea for entrepreneurial kids. Most kids love sweets and everyone loves eating homemade desserts! If your child knows how to bake, then he or she can start their business by selling their baked goods to friends and family. Kids can make money by selling cakes, cookies, brownies, or other baked pastries.

Gift Wrapping Business

If you have a knack for wrapping gifts, then there’s no reason for you not to start a business!  This is a great business idea for entrepreneurial kids because everyone loves something that has been nicely wrapped. Kids can make money by charging clients to wrap their presents, but they should be sure to keep track of the amount and time spent on each gift so that it’s fair for all parties involved.

Lawn Mowing Business

A lawn mowing business is another great idea for entrepreneurial-minded children. If you see a yard that needs to be cut, then why not make some extra money by hiring yourself out as an entrepreneur?

Kids can start a lawn-mowing service from their very own homes: they may need to buy or borrow the right equipment. This is also another great business that kids can run only in the busy summer months.

Kids Wash Anything Business

If your kids have a way with animals, then starting an animal-washing business could be lots of fun. Kids can make money from washing and grooming dogs, cats, horses, or other animals that their clients may need help with.

Another idea for a washing business is to wash boats or cars. Especially during the summer months, people are taking their boats to the lake, but most boats need to be washed down once you get home. Many boaters would welcome someone willing to wash their boat after a long day at the lake.

Washing cars is a business that can be done individually or with multiple friends. It can also be done as a one time event or it can be an all-year round business. More and more, traveling car wash businesses have been popping up and people who work long hours love having this service!

Funny little girl near lemonade stand in park

Lemonade Stand

Though you may see this on nearly all ‘business ideas for kids’ and it is a bit cliche, people love buying lemonade from kids working hard at a lemonade stand! I know I do! 

For many entrepreneurial kids in the summer, a lemonade stand is one of their favorite things. Kids can make money by selling drinks like iced tea or lemonade from their own yard or at local neighborhoods and festivals.

Business Ideas for Kids

Snow Shoveling Business

If you are living in a place that has snow, then one of the best entrepreneurial business ideas for kids is to offer your services shoveling.

Kids can make money by meeting with local homeowners before or after school and asking if they need help clearing their sidewalks and driveways from snow drifts or ice during the winter months. This is another great idea because, like a lawn summer mowing business, the snow keeps coming. There are always places that need shoveling, so they’re likely to find as much business as they can handle, as long as they are able to keep warm!

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Start a Business!

These are just a few of the hundreds of business ideas for kids. For example, some other ideas for kids include a pet-sitting business, starting a charity, and baby sitting. The sky’s the limit!

Kids can make money by using their creativity to come up with these or any of their own great possibilities. Kids might not have the same business ideas as adults, they could be more creative and innovative.

What’s important is that they are able to do something that interests them in order to keep it fun as well as profitable.

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