Amazon Interview Questions

Amazon is the largest retailer on the planet, and they hire hundreds of new employees each month. If you’re looking for a job with Amazon, then you should be prepared.  As a prospective Amazon employee, you should know the top questions that might be asked during your interview.

As Amazon’s founder and executive chairman, Jeff Bezos, once said, “I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person”.

Here are the 10 most common Amazon interview questions:

1.) Why do you want to work at Amazon?

This is the most popular question asked by Amazon interviewers.  Amazon wants employees that are passionate about working for and helping expand Amazon’s footprint. 

You should be able to answer that you’re excited about working for a company with such an innovative and fresh perspective on technology, retail, logistics, distribution networks, and more. Be sure to include how you can contribute to their company goals.

2.) Tell me about the most difficult customer you’ve had and how were you able to help them?

Amazon frequently asks a question similar to this one because they want to know more about your problem-solving and customer service skills. Amazon prides itself in its good customer service and they want to know that you’ll be up for the challenge of dealing with a difficult customer.

3.) Describe Amazon Prime to a prospective customer and the features included in it.

The goal of this Amazon interview question is to see if you know the product details about Prime. They want to make sure that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about their own products and services. If you are not familiar with Amazon’s offerings, be sure to research them before your interview.

4.) If you found out one of your colleagues stole a box of cheap pens from the office, how would you handle the situation?

This is a hypothetical Amazon interview question that explores your decision-making skills and how you would handle conflicts.  Amazon is always concerned shrinkage and though a box of cheap pens might seem menial, theft is a big issue in Amazon. They want to know that even if a cheap item is stolen, it will be reported.

5.) What steps have you taken to show a customer that their customer experience is highly important to you?

Amazon is looking for employees that are customer-focused and passionate about the service they provide.  They want to know how you go above and beyond in order to show your customers that their experience matters, even if it’s a small task or gesture.

Here are some ways you can showcase yourself in Amazon interview questions like this:

6.) Describe an experience where you were almost done with a project and were told that it had to change. How did you pivot to accommodate the change?

Behavioral interview questions are quite common for Amazon. Amazon is looking for employees that can adapt, and they want to know how you will adjust when a project changes.  Amazon’s business model doesn’t stay stagnant – it evolves with time. They want a team member who has experience pivoting in order to meet new demands or requirements.

7.) If you are talking to a customer and they tell you about a problem they’re experiencing, how do you confirm that you understand their issue?

Amazon wants to make sure that you know how to communicate and empathize with customers.  If they don’t understand the customer’s issue, it will affect Amazon in terms of product quality and satisfaction levels.

Let the employer know that you do not assume: “Oh I think I understand.” It is crucial for a team member at Amazon to ask clarifying questions if they don’t understand what the customer is talking about or going through.

Also let them know that you focus on asking more details, if necessary, like: “What specifically happened?”

8.) Have you ever disagreed with your review or with feedback? What did you do?

These Amazon interview questions are designed to see how well you take feedback and criticism.  They want someone who will put in the time and effort it takes to improve their skills, so disagreeing with a review or critique isn’t necessarily an issue for them – as long as they can show that they’ve taken steps towards improving what was pointed out.

9.) Describe a time when you made an invention.

This Amazon interview question is looking for people who are innovative thinkers and creatives. They want to know how you come up with solutions that work best for your customers, which can take the form of a physical product as well as an idea or solution.

This can be anything from a new way of packaging to an innovative marketing campaign. The key is that you came up with it on your own, without the need for outside help or influence.

10.) Which of Amazon’s Leadership Principles do you like most?

This is a hypothetical Amazon interview question that will determine your leadership style.  It’s important for any Amazon team member to embody the company’s values and commitment to excellence, but they want you specifically to pick one principle that resonates with you most.

Amazon interview questions such as these are designed to make sure that the interviewee knows about the Leadership Principles. With any company, you should always do background research to make sure you understand what the company stands for, its company vision, and its mission statement.

Summing it up

Amazon interview questions offer the employer a unique opportunity to get insight into your customer-focused approach and willingness to go above and beyond. They want people who are enthusiastic about what the company stands for and committed to excellence. Do your research on Amazon before the interview so you know what they’re looking for!

Be sure to check out the other potential interview styles to help you prepare for anything that may come your way.

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