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David Giglio of Madera, California

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David Giglio of Madera, CA is a former public-school teacher turned small business.  His position is a simple one; If elected to Washington, he promises to work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of the people of the Central Valley of California are finally heard.  Instead of working for the Washington DC elites, he has vowed to work tirelessly for all people. He notes that for too long, the best interests of the Central Valley have been cast aside in favor of the interests of the DC establishment. He is running for Congress to be the Central Valley’s voice in Washington. David’s motto is simple, “Fight for the Valley!” Our magnificent country deserves a voice in Congress that is ready and eager to place the needs of the Central Valley first!

Who do you revere most for mentorship or inspiration?

I revere my parents the most for mentorship. They have always been there for me and have helped guide me throughout my entire life. I love to bounce ideas off them and I highly regard their advice.

What is one decision that you consider a pivotal moment in your career?

The decision to run for office was the most pivotal moment in my career. In today’s highly polarized political environment, people running for office put themselves and their family directly in media’s eyes. They lose a lot of their privacy and open themselves up to potential scrutiny. It was a pivotal moment and one that I thought significantly about before I made the decision to run.

What do you consider the important qualities of successful leaders today?

Successful leaders need to be willing to listen and learn. They need to recognize that they may not be an expert in every subject. They also need to be willing to adapt.

What are your current goals?

My goal is to win the congressional race so I can go to congress and represent my community. I think the important issues for my community are often swept under the run and my goal is let the voices from the people in my district be heard at a congressional level.

What steps have you taken to grow and develop as a leader?

As I mentioned earlier, I think once of the biggest qualities of a leader is being able to listen and learn. I continually practice listening before I speak. I take time to ask questions and essentially interview people when I talk to them. I focus on not only listening, but understanding. As the old saying goes, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we talk.

What motivates you every morning?

I know this may sound cheesy, but the desire to better my community is the thing that motivates me every morning. We have a great community and I love the individuals in my district, but there are definitely some very large gaps between what is being heard at the congressional level and what my congressional district needs actually are. I wake up every morning with the motivation to bridge that gap.

In what ways has being a political candidate affected your relationship with friends and family?

Running for congress takes a significant amount of work and time. My family and friends are all highly supportive and I am very lucky to have that. The time that I get to spend with my family and friends is very valuable to me and I appreciate all of them.

Do you think politicians are typically less risk-averse?

I think many politicians are less risk-averse when they run for office, but unfortunately, I think they become more risk-averse when they get into office. Many politicians are afraid to speak up on difficult topics to avoid causing waves. The politicians should remember that they were elected by the people because the people believed they could make a difference and get things done. This includes speaking up when needed.

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