Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson

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Ashley Thompson started her blog “Just Bein’ Mommy” in 2008, the year after her oldest was born. It was originally to keep her family updated on family life but quickly changed to a website with helpful information and tasks to keep the family having fun. As the blogging game changed, so did Ashley. 

Ashley has worked with many companies such as Verizon, Kia, Cedar Point, and Walmart to name a few. She expanded to cover travel mostly around Ohio as she learned the place she made home. She takes pride in showing off Columbus and surrounding areas on her social media. 

She left the working world in 2014 to make being a blogger and influencer full-time while caring for the family. She loved being able to have the flexibility to take care of her family but also have a job that was fun. Being a family influencer was her primary job until she realized she had an eye for photography. 

Just Bein’ Mommy blog took a bit of a back seat as Ashley decided to go back to school for photography. She wanted to add more opportunities for herself while working on growing her business.  Even while completing her school work, she always knew she wanted to reinvent herself through her website. Her children were growing so the focus needed to change. 

Since finished her degree, she has been working on updating the website to reflect the updates in her family and life.

What has been one of your most satisfying moments in business?

I never really thought that when I started blogging that it would go far. I did it part time and had the time of my life. The first time I really believed that I could make it a full business was the first time I was recognized because of my work. Sometimes, it can feel like you are just talking to yourself on social media so having someone approach you about what you’ve written makes it feel bigger than yourself.

What are your current goals?

Since I took a step back the last couple of years, my goal is to revamp and relaunch stronger than ever. I’ve changed and I believe that businesses change with you. So, watch for some changes over the next couple of weeks.

How do you keep yourself organized throughout the week?

This is part of the change coming. I started bullet journaling last year and fell in love. It fit within my busy schedule but also gave me the flexibility to add space for new things I’m doing in my life. I will be sharing more soon!

What motivates you every morning?

My children. They are the reason I started blogging and the reason I went to school. I always want to make everything better for them.

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

The flexibility with my schedule. I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and that gives me to the time I need to spend with my kids but also time to work on my own business(es). 

In what ways has being an entrepreneur affected your relationship with friends and family?

I believe it has made my relationships better.  I am more available to help other and through my work, we’ve had a bunch of fun in the process. I’ve also been able to meet more friends in the process and find more places to visit. Most of my friendships online was started because of this business and I love it.

What advice would you give someone who is just beginning their entrepreneurial journey?

Be patient and trust yourself. Your journey will be different from everyone else’s journey so be patient as your start and trust what you do. It will all be worth it in the end.

In what ways do you market your business, and which ways have been the most successful?

In the beginning, Facebook was the biggest draw for me. Over time, Instagram has opened up more avenues for me in the business. I currently use Instagram the most and have been the most successful for me. But I look forward to adding tiktok in.

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