Temarie Kendall Exclusive Interview
Temarie Kendall

Temarie Kendall – Bio:

Temarie Kendall was born and raised in the south and recently moved to the other side of the country to California to serve in ministry alongside her husband. Her name means “one you can depend on” which accurately describes and works hard to maintain. She received her bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Health and Human Services from Old Dominion University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has always had a heart for life and helping others – both people and animals.

She has worked and volunteered in the nonprofit world since 2002 for places that care for the needs of others that are hurting or need help. Her counseling degrees have enabled her to provide free or low cost counseling for those that need it but are unable to afford it. Recently, she was presented with an opportunity to run a foundation with a fun name called I Love My Dog So Much Foundation that helps provide support and assistance to amazing no-kill nonprofits around the country!

This new role has already been an honor and so rewarding and has provided opportunity to meet so many people that go above and beyond to save and rescue dog’s lives in a variety of ways. Temarie Kendall gets to work and partner with others that have huge hearts like hers to help those in need and to help make an impact and difference in lives – both people and dogs!

Interview Questions

Who do you revere most for mentorship or inspiration?

I revere and look up to my husband the most! He is such an amazing guy that loves and helps others well! He has more patience and perseverance than anyone I know and works hard to be above reproach! I admire how he loves others well and helps and serves others constantly!

What do you consider the important qualities of successful leaders today?

Successful leaders today need to be at the core, honorable with integrity and lead by example. They can’t expect others to follow their leadership if don’t display and exemplify good leadership themselves. I also think humility but confidence are also paired as great leadership qualities. If a leader just has confidence without humility that can lead to pride which can become destructive causing others to abandon your leadership.

What has been one of your most satisfying moments in business?

It’s hard to think of just one! I have had so many satisfying moments especially in my new position! I follow many dog rescues on social media. One day, a rescue posted about 17 dogs they rescued from a kill shelter and were going to be put down. The rescue didn’t have the funds they needed to take care of the dogs and where it would come from but decided to take a leap of faith and save them all!

They posted a desperate plea for donations but were not getting any. I saw the post and immediately contacted them and was able to send the funds they needed! All the dogs were rescued and were able to be transported to a facility that loved on them and cared for them! The facility made sure they all would be adopted into loving homes! This is just one of many stories where dogs were saved from being on death’s door either from a kill shelter or found homeless or in pain on the streets. It is so rewarding to know that the work I do helps rescues do the work they’re doing and make lasting impacts on lives!

What steps have you taken to grow and develop as a leader?

There is always something to learn! I am constantly finding areas to learn and grow in by taking seminars, trainings, reading blogs from others that are successful in their fields, watching videos, and reading articles and books! There is always room for improvement and always something new to learn!

What motivates you every morning?

I love that my job enables me to help impact the lives of others! Knowing that I can help make a difference and a positive change, motivates me to keep working hard!

If you could go back in time, what would you tell young Temarie Kendall?

Failure will happen but use it as an opportunity to grow and learn from it instead of beating yourself up over it. Also, one person can make a difference – keep working hard and try your best – don’t try to be perfect!

How do you keep yourself organized throughout the week?

Organization is so important to be successful in business and life in general! I stay organized by writing important tasks, dates, etc. down and also adding them to my phone – it never hurts to have it in more than one place to help me remember everything I need to 😉

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/temarie-kendall-65a79276/


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